PSM-03 - Stick Powder Filling Machine

ARMELLSTICK PSM-03with 3 Lanes
Stick width35 mm (fixed)
Dose0 - 30 gr (adjustable)
Min.Stick Length40 mm
Max.Stick Length200 mm
Capacity75 pcs /min.
Film Width240 mm
Roll Internal Dia.76 mm
Max.Film Dia.400 mm
Power Consumption2 kW
Main Voltage380 VAC / 50-60 HZ
Air Pressure6 bar
Air Comsumption300 lt / min.
Machine Weigth420 kg
Machine Dimensions1000 x 1500 x 2200 mm

Stick powder filling machine is manufactured with best quality materials and based on easy use. It is possible to use that machine for coffee, instant coffee, 3 in 1, milk powder, hot chocolate filling. Powder filling machine works with screwing system that is The most important detail for powder machine. As it is well known, the powder is not free flowing product like granule. All parts, that we use during manufacture the machine, are fully available for food as we use them on Coffee filling machine, milk powder filling machine, 3in1 filling machine, hot chocolate filling machine. We manufacture our machines in CE standard. They are suitable to get all certificates for food. You should contact with us for second use Stick powder filling machine and Stick powder filling machine price.