GSM-08 - Stick Granule Filling Machine

Min.Stick Width10 mm (fixed)
Max Dose Weight0-4 gr (adjustable)
Min.Stick Length40 mm
Max.Stick Length200 mm
Capacity300 pcs / min.
Film Width200 mm
Roll Internal Dia.76 mm
Max.Film Dia.400 mm
Power Consumption2,87 kw
Main Voltage380 VAC / 50-60 HZ
Air Pressure6 bar
Air Consumption300 lt / min
Machine Weight400 Kg
Machine Dimension1000 x 1500 x 2200 mm

Chrome case stick sugar filling machine which has brought a different perspective to the food industry and packaging market. Each product is delivered to the customer in case of single use packages. Conveyor, date encoding and easy tear is optional  according to customer requirements.The machine which is manufactured with chrome included two types of stainless steel.AISI 316 and AISI 304 . Parts of machine which is contacting with products are AISI 316 and the other parts American Stainless steel AISI 304. Every product that we produce are suitable to get food certificates. For technical detailes and price information our phone number is +90(232) 877 07 45..