GST-03 - Stick Granule Filling Machine

Min.Stick Width30 mm (fixed)
Max Dose Weight0-8 gr (adjustable)
Min.Stick length40 mm
Max.Stick length180 mm
Capacity150 pcs / min.
Max.Film Width210 mm
Roll Internal Dia.76 mm
Max.Film Dia.400 mm
Power Consumption2,87 kw
Main Voltage380 VAC / 50-60 HZ
Air Pressure6 bar
Air consumption300 lt / min.
Machine Weigth300 Kg
Machine Dimensions1100 x 1000 x 2000 mm

You can pack free flowing products such as sugar, salt, Brown sugar etc. with GST-03 Aluminum Case 3 Lines Sick Sugar Machine. The capasity is 150 pieces per minute and the pieces of width is 30mm fixed on Stick Sugar Filling Machine. Stick sugar length is adjustable between 40mm to 180mm. It is possible to raise the piece of weight till 11 g on that machine which is also named fully automatic packaging machine. The metal items are manufactured with AISI 304 and contacting food parts AISI 316 on GST-03 which we completely submit with our R&D Works. As Armell Machine, we provide our customer every kind of support included Technical Service.

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