LSM-06 - Stick Liquid Filling Machine

ARMELLSTICK LSM-06with 3 Lanes
Stick width25 mm (fixed)
Max. Dose50 ml (adjustable)
Min.Stick Length40 mm
Max.Stick Length200 mm
Max. Capacity150 pcs /min.
Max.Film Width360 mm
Roll Internal Dia.76 mm
Max.Film Dia.400 mm
Power Consumption3,87 kw
Main Voltage380 VAC / 50-60 HZ
Air Pressure6 bar
Air Comsumption300 lt / min.
Machine Weigth520 kg
Machine Dimensions1200 x 2200 x 1700 mm

Vertical  Filling Machine LSM-06, which is produced in İzmir /Kemalpaşa, become popular in the packaging sector. It can easily pack ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, olive oil, pomegranate etc.LSM-06 can produce all kinds of liquid products for the customers as a single-use packages. Liquid filling machine, Which meets the high quality standard, are offered to people with quality and precise labor. Capasity of liquid filling machine is 150 pieces per minute and the volume of boiler 50lt. Boiler with heater is optional. Armell Machine participate to many domestic and foreign exhibitions. Our company exports more than 20 countries and improves ourselves day by day. Our factory  continues to supply liquid filling machines which produce single use packs. For further information please contact us.