PSM-06 - Stick and Tetrahedron Pack Powder Filling Machine

ARMELLSTICK PSM-06with 6 Lanes
Stick width30 mm (fixed)
Dose1 - 20 gr (adjustable)
Min.Stick Length40 mm
Max.Stick Length200 mm
Max. Capacity240 pcs /min.
Film Width390 mm
Roll Internal Dia.76 mm
Max.Film Dia.400 mm
Power Consumption5,87 kW
Main Voltage380 VAC / 50-60 HZ
Air Pressure6-8 bar
Air Comsumption300-500 lt / min.
Machine Weigth1.450 kg
Machine Dimensions1500 x 1900 x 2800 mm

Technical Details

Our powder machine, which is produced within the scope of CE standards, works with screw filling system. The weight sensitivity is controlled by a separate servo motor for each line. The mixer, which is in filling tank, works independently. Machine general settings are made automatically by PLC control system. Food, Cosmetic, Medical, Chemical etc. is used for powder products in the industry. Cutting and sealing forms are applied according to customer request.