LHM-1100 Sachet Liquid Filling Machine

Number of Lane     4-12 Lanes
Max. Capacity     Up to 80 cycles/min. (**)
Sachet Dimensions     Width 40 mm – 100 mm (*)
   Length 50 mm – 150 mm (Adjustable)
Pack Weight     1 gr. – 50 gr.
Reel Width     400 mm – 1100 mm 
Reel Diameter     400 mm - 600 mm 
Electric Cons.     4 kw – 15 kw 
Main Voltage     380 V / 50-60 Hz.
Air Pressure     6-8 bar
Air Cons.     300 – 500 L/min.
Machine Weight     500 kg – 3.000 kg
Date Encoding Units     Hot Stamping with Foil
Heated Tank     Double Jacket System and Heated Till 90°C
Output Conveyor Types     Required Dimensions Suitable for Machine

(*)The width remains fixed after selected.     
(**) It can be changed according to product type.

Technical Details

Our sachet machine, which is produced within the scope of CE standards, can be produced for liquid products. Volumetric piston filling systems can be applied. Machine general settings are made automatically by PLC control system. Food, Cosmetic, Medical, Chemical etc. is used for liquid product in the industry. Cutting and sealing forms are applied according to customer request. The hopper of the machine and the part designs that come into contact with the product are produced for easy cleaning.